Hands-on Docker in Paris the 22nd of March (Docker's 3rd birthday)

Hands-on Docker in Paris the 22nd of March (Docker's 3rd birthday)

Edit: Due to the Docker Meetup in Paris, the Hands-on Docker is rescheduled to the 22nd of March instead of the 24th of March.


Few months ago, I gave a talk about Docker (the article). During this talk I saw that a lot of people are really interested by Docker but did not know where to start.

So, I decided to create a Hands-on Docker to help them understand how to use it. As front end developer, the hands-on will be nodeJS/mongoDB oriented. The same principle could be applied to anything (Java, php, ...).


Install Docker on your laptop (If your laptop does not allow Docker, you can use a server to run Docker, like compute engine, aws, ...)

When Docker is installed, run these commands to pull images in your Docker:

$ docker pull busybox
$ docker pull alpine:3.3
$ docker pull mongo

The program :

Introduction to Virtualization and Docker: 15 min

  • Difference between VMWare (and other like it) & Docker
  • Copy on Write
  • ...

Running your first container:

  • Running a simple 'hello world' command: 5 min
  • Using Bash in interactive mode: 5 min

Using the Docker hub:

  • Running an alpine image: 5 min
  • Setting up node & npm: 10 min
  • Committing the updates: 10 min


  • Creation of a Dockerfile: 15 min
  • Building & Running the Dockerfile: 10 min

Real case:

  • Mount a local volume in a container: 10 min
  • Using a Dockerfile on an existing project: 10 min


  • Linking of two container: 10 min
  • Linking of a Node server with a mongoDB: 15 min

Docker Compose:

  • Use Compose to do the same thing: 15 min

This event will be hosted at SFEIR.

Where: 48 rue Jacques Dulud, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
When: 22nd of March 2016 (7:30pm to 10:30pm)

You can register yourself for the event here. Please be sure to be present or cancel (FAQ) your registration if not) because it will have only 20 seats.

If the event works, there will be other ones.